Provides industrial locks, latches hinges & rubber seals for the sheetmetal industry

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Provides a range of railway signalling relays and axle counters for around the world

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Who We Are

Selectrix Industries started as a small family business in Preston back in 1978. Our philosophy is very employee biased, which has resulted in a very close knit Selectrix community of loyal, talented, and hard working members. Many employees have been with the company for periods of 10 to 20 years, and then there are sons/daughters who have also started, bringing another generation with new fresh ideas.

We have two main specialties, the Selectlok brand of industrial locks, latches, hinges, and sealing rubber used in any sheetmetal cabinets. Applications can include electrical switchboards, IT server racks, telecommunications cabinets, trucks, service vehicles, buses, trains, trams, and any other application requiring a metal cabinet to be locked. Then there is the high technology arm of the Selectrix Group, called Selectrail. Selectrail specialises in products to service the Railway Signalling industry.

Image of Selectrix Warehouse Melbourne Train

Australian Owned

A family owned Australian business since 1978.

Melbourne Designed

We design our own industry leading products in Melbourne.

Made To Last

Made for Australia, used around the world.

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Why Us

We have been a driving force in many markets, securing patents for our designs along the way.

Selectlok Midnight handle Selectlok Swing Handle
Transport Hardware

Our Selectlok designed Midnight Series whaletail style handles have led the way for an abundance of imitations.

We put high quality materials and great design above all else.

Selectrail has been supplying high quality Q style relays for decades, internationally approved.

Not content with that, Selectrail will soon be taking the world by storm with it's next generation Solid State Q style relays

We have exclusive distribution rights for the digital locking solution for all your assets, iLOQ.

This battery-less low maintenance solution for security of large scale assets is truly a 21st century answer.

Our locking, hinging and sealing solutions are used nation-wide in securing the power grid.

From power stations to street-corner electrical cabinets, Selectrix is there.

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